Audify allows you to create and generate Lookalike Audiences in a much easier and more robust way. It allows you to generate any audience size, any combination of countries and any custom audiences you can think of.

If you’ve ever created a Lookalike Audience on Facebook you’ll quickly question yourself on which sizes you should generate and for which country. After you create a conclusion on the size and country combinations you want, you’ll start creating these one by one and you can see it eventually becomes a tedious process.

As usual, we got you covered with not only an easier way to create these Lookalike Audiences, but also untapped audience sizes that are not available on Facebook’s Audience Manager platform.

1. Go to the Audify App and navigate to Create > Custom Audiences.

2. Select the Ad Account that has your desired Custom Audiences.

3. Find your desired Custom Audience(s) by searching their name or using the ‘Browse’ feature to view all your Custom Audiences. For each Custom Audience you select, Audify will generate a Lookalike Audience for it, so you can choose multiple Custom Audiences at one time.

4. Select the countries you wish to target when creating your Lookalike Audiences. Audify will either create a Lookalike Audience for all the countries you have chosen together as a group or you can choose to create a Lookalike Audience for each individual country you’ve chosen.

You can also click ‘Browse’ to view and import your Country Groups. Country Groups allow you to save groups of countries so you don’t have to manually enter them in every time.

5. Select your audience sizes. There are two specific modes for selecting your audience sizes, single and range Lookalike Audiences.

'Single' Audience Sizes

Creates full Lookalike Audiences. Select as many audience sizes as you want and Audify will create an individual single audience for each

The equivalent to this in Facebook Audience Manager would be creating a Lookalike Audience like this:

'Range' Audience Sizes

Creates ranged Lookalike Audiences. Select from the dropdown how many lookalike audience sizes you want to split into. Audify will create all ranges you have selected for EACH Lookalike Audience.

The equivalent to this in Facebook Audience Manager would be creating Lookalike Audiences like this:

6. If you have chosen to target your countries ‘together’ in step 4, please add a unique group name of the countries you picked, for example ‘Tier #1’. If you have only chosen one country or you chose to create Lookalike Audiences based off of each individual country, then this step you can skip.

7. Review and name your Lookalike audiences. Audify will give you a preview of all the Lookalike Audiences it will generate based off your criteria. You can review them and rename them here.

You can easily edit each individual line or use the Find & Replace feature to mass rename the audiences to the name you want. Please note that you can only generate 50 audiences at once. If you need to generate more, please break them down into multiple create attempts.

8. Once you’ve reviewed everything, go ahead and click the “Generate Lookalike Audiences” button at the bottom and watch the magic happen!

Once your audiences are done generating, you’ll get a status on each one you created. This status will let you know whether or not each audience was successfully created, if not there will be an error message next to the incomplete audience.

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